Pay Per Task: Generate 100 T1 Clicks From Facebook

Pay Per Task: Generate 100 T1 Clicks From Facebook

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Job Details

If you can generate traffic from facebook you can do this job. You have to do Facebook group posting, commenting and messaging. We will provide you a landing page and a tracking link. Tracking link will count clicks and you have to deliver order when it reach to 100 clicks.

To start this job-

  1. send a message to our telegram group 'Pay Per Task Job' saying 'I am interested to complete the clicks generation job'
  2. @emdadpabna will respond you and send 2 links to your personal inbox. One link is for a landing page that you have to share. There is a button in landing page. When someone from USA, CA, AU, UK or NZ clicks on the button, a valid click will be counted by tracking link (2nd link that you will be provided).
  3. When you got 100 clicks, deliver the job and submit the tracking link as proof.


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